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Hannah Montey

Hannah Montey is a phenomenal spokesperson for our Kent Dynasty horse products, because she uses Dynasty and believes in it! Her outgoing personality and genuine smile make her approachable, and she takes the time at rodeos and events to talk to people and promote Dynasty.

Hannah is a horse trainer, barrel racer, and member of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association. She has been riding horses competitively since 1993. Her love of horses has evolved into a successful career where she specializes in the training of young prospects. Horses are her addiction, and training them for a long, prosperous career is her passion.

In addition to training horses for clients, Hannah always has well-broke horses for sale - everything from Yearlings and Futurity Horses to Rescues, Family Horses, and finished Rodeo Horses.

Hannah is grateful to her sponsors like Kent, and her network of family and friends for their support. The "Sponsors" page on her website explains the exceptional products and services in which she places the utmost confidence for horse and rider.

Hannah is fanatical about training horses, specializing in training young prospects and futurity horses since 2000. She takes pride in her work with young horses and one of her main goals is to train them for a LONG career.

Rescue horses hold a special place in Hannah's heart. Their lives have value and meaning and Hannah believes in giving them the best quality of life she can. This comes at a high cost, so Hannah is always actively looking for supporters in her rescue efforts for these very special cases.

In her own words, "I am an EQUINE ADDICT. 🙂 I love the sport of rodeo! I was probably born to compete, and embrace the rush as much as possible. I have a kind heart and dedication second to none."

Hannah Montey headed home
Our brand's reputation is not what we tell consumers it is. It's what consumers tell each other it is. Our ambassadors ARE the brand to those consumers.

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