Our GMO Position

Improving our food by modifying the genetic structure of plants and animals is not a new concept. For centuries, farmers have applied their ingenuity to enrich our food supply through hybridization; that is, by crossbreeding plants and animals to make them taste better, yield more, grow faster, or thrive under specific harsh conditions. The result of this genetic modification is thousands of crops and animal varieties that feed billions of people around the world.

With current technologies, genetic modifications have become more prevalent. Due to this a vast majority of the production crops planted in the US are genetically modified. Because feed grain is purchased in mass quantity from enormous storage facilities where grains are comingled, it is nearly impossible to tell which grain has been genetically modified. While it is possible to purchase “non-GMO” grains, producing feed with certified non-GMO grains is cost prohibitive on a large scale.

The good news is, the modern science of genetics and agricultural biotechnology (including genetically manipulating grain in a laboratory to enhance desired traits) is thoroughly researched and regulated. In fact, our feed ingredients are some of the most heavily tested foodstuffs in history. So, you can be confident that all KNG products under the Kent and Blue Seal brands you know and love are safe for your animals.

However, because KNG recognizes that consumers may want a choice, KNG does offer select Certified Organic products – organic poultry feed. These products contain non-GMO grains and are regulated and inspected to ensure strict compliance to be classified as Certified Organic.

The US Department of Agriculture has facts about Agriculture Biotechnology on their website: http://www.ers.usda.gov/briefing/biotechnology/.