Performance Horse Photo Contest Winners!

We have reviewed all of the entries and, after careful deliberation, are proud to announce the winners of the Performance Horse Photo Contest! Thank you to all that submitted photos and made this contest such a success. Congratulations to the following winners!


    Winner of ONE TON of Sentinel or Dynasty Horse Feed, a Tote Bag, a Feed Scoop and Horse Cooler!

    Brenda C. of Vassalboro, ME

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    "Angel has been riding since she was 5. Here she is riding Uther Pendragon through a field in the middle of winter here in Maine. Just because it snows, doesn't mean you can't ride! "

  2. First Place

    Winner of 1,000 lbs. of Sentinel or Dynasty Horse Feed, a Tote Bag, and a Feed Scoop!

    Brett G. of Troutville, VA

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    "This is my horse Tommy K. When I got him, he was underweight and didn't look like much. When he finally started losing his bleached-out coat and had weight back on him with the help of Blue Seal Sentinel, we discovered that as talented as he was, he was not an easy horse to ride. However, with the right exercise and feed program in place, he quickly started coming along. This past weekend, Tommy K competed in his first horse show and won all of his classes. He is quickly turning into a very talented show horse."

  3. First Place

    Winner of 1,000 lbs. of Sentinel or Dynasty Horse Feed, a Tote Bag, and a Feed Scoop!

    Baylee B. of Nunda, NY

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    "Tiamo is my 6 year old Thoroughbred gelding. I believe he is the epitome of a performance horse, and would represent Blue Seal extraordinarily well...

    When I first saw him the only emotion I felt was happiness. He was tall, dark and handsome, and I felt as if I was on top of the world. When we took him out of his stall and he was let into the ring he immediately began to gallop around holding his head high and I fell even more in love with him. His trot was beyond breathtaking, and after watching him prance so gracefully around I knew I had to make him mine.

    Being a retired racehorse, his previous owners no longer wanted him so they sent him away to be up for grabs by anyone. 'Amore Ti Amo' meaning 'I love you, my love' in Italian is the name I gave Tiamo because I knew from the moment I saw him that I would never stop loving him or be able to just let him go. I wanted to make every moment I had count with Tiamo.

    The beginning of our time together was very rocky. Tiamo may not have been racehorse material, but he still had a lot of energy. When I first got onto his back, he reared straight into the air, which almost had me falling off him backwards. I found out through experience that he would give almost anything he had just for a treat. The minute I first gave him a treat, I swear he fell as deeply in love with me as I had initially for him.

    When I finished school in the spring, I was finally able to devote all my time to him. Within three short months that I had been working with him and teaching him dressage, schooling cross country, as well becoming his friend, we were entered in our first recognized Novice level event. As his first ever event, I wasn't expecting very much, however he blew me away with his calm manners during his dressage test, and his endless bravery in cross-country and stadium. I finished that event in seventh, but I was thrilled. The next two events we competed at training level. We finished the season up with two victory gallops.

    I would never have expected this past year with Tiamo to go so well. I knew from the moment I saw him that he amazing, but I had no idea he would be capable of learning this quickly. The pace that Tiamo has been able to learn, and this past Eventing season is just a glimpse of what's to come with the two of us. I'm so excited to continue this journey with my best friend, and I'm even more excited for our future. However, when the day comes for Tiamo to retire as my performance horse, he will not be pushed toward a new home but instead will finish his years with me right by his side."

  4. Second Prize

    Winner of 500 lbs. of Sentinel or Dynasty Horse Feed, a Tote Bag, and a Feed Scoop!

    Stephanie D. of Hudson, MA

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    "This is Cobee and I schooling cross-country preparing to compete at Training level. Cobee is a Paint mare that is a little bit of a hard keeper, and a little high strung. The Sentinel LS has been a great feed for her.

    I've been a Blue Seal customer since I got into horses over 30 years ago. Great products to fit horses' needs."

  5. Second Prize

    Winner of 500 lbs. of Sentinel or Dynasty Horse Feed, a Tote Bag, and a Feed Scoop!

    Christie D. of Highland, MD

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    "This is Nattie, my 'retired' show horse making an encore appearance earlier this year. He is now my foxhunter and volunteer mounted patrol mount."

  6. Third Prize

    Winner of 250 lbs. of Sentinel or Dynasty Horse Feed, a Tote Bag, and a Feed Scoop!

    Amanda F. of Cuba City, WI

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    "This is my barrel mare 'PT'. She has been in my life since I was nine and she has taught me all I know when it comes to speed. We have been very successful together as a team. We participate in barrels, poles, LT special and the flag race. She is getting older now and I want to do everything I can to keep her healthy and in great shape. Thank you for this opportunity!"