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Proper dairy calf nutrition begins with a high-quality milk replacer. Kent milk replacer products exceed the nutritional needs of young calves and eliminate the disease and contamination risks of feeding waste milk. A high-quality milk replacer contains highly digestible sources of protein and fat as well as highly available sources of vitamins and minerals. Kent milk replacers mix readily and stay in suspension.


  • Meticulously formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the newborn calf
  • Fortified with high levels of vitamins A, D and E, as well as B vitamins, to support overall health and well being
  • Contains NutriVantage for dairy and MOS to support gut health and immune function
  • Medicated and fly control options are available, some medicated options may require a VFD
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Why are Kent products included on this website?

Since 1927, Kent has been a leading commercial livestock nutrition brand in the Midwest. In 2010, Kent Feeds and Blue Seal Feeds merged to form Kent Nutrition Group. Because of its strong quality nutrition reputation, Kent brand products for beef cattle, swine, and show feeds are proudly offered through Blue Seal retailers.

For more information about additional Kent products, please visit the Kent website.

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