Equigraze Horse Mix Seed

Blue Seal Equi-Graze® was developed specifically to meet the challenges of pasturing horses. It's a nutritious blend of improved grasses and legumes for grazing horses and ponies with the following benefits:

  • Palatable to horses
  • Provides grazing spring through fall
  • Resists trampling
  • Withstands close grazing
  • 100% Endophyte-free
  • Tolerates wide range of soil conditions Winter - hardy

Blue Seal Equi-Graze includes:

  • Troy Kentucky Bluegrass
  • BG-34 Perennial Ryegrass Blend
  • Barolex Tall Fescue - 100% Endophyte-free
  • Climax Timothy
  • Bargena III Creeping Red Fescue
  • Ivory White Clover

Product Code Number: 93

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