NutriVantage for dairy

NutriVantage Nutrition Optimizer, a research-driven feed supplement designed to help dairy cows obtain optimum nutrition from their diet.

  • Packaging:  50 lb bag
  • Life Stage:  Calf, Dry and Transition, Heifer, Lactation
  • Feed Type:  Supplement
  • Feed Form:  Pellet

Features & Benefits

Research-driven formulas

Our exclusive dairy formulas have been developed at the Kent Product Development Center and field-tested for more than a decade.

Exclusive nutritional components

Consists of a blend of organic macromolecules, trace mienrals, antioxidants, and chelating agents that provide optimal nutritional supplementation to your animal's digestive tract.


In research trails, NutriVantage has helped increase dry matter intake, reduce death loss, increase milk production, and lower somatic cell count.

Why are Kent products included on this website?

Since 1927, Kent has been a leading commercial livestock nutrition brand in the Midwest. In 2010, Kent and Blue Seal merged to form Kent Nutrition Group. Because of its strong quality nutrition reputation, select Kent brand products are proudly sold through Blue Seal retailers.

Visit the Kent website.

Nutritional Information

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein, min15.00%
Crude Fat, min4.00%
Crude Fiber, max22.00%
Acid Detergent Fiber, max9.00%
Calcium, min0.00%
Calcium, max0.05%
Phosphorus, min0.30%
Salt, minnone added
Copper, min100 ppm
Manganese, min200 ppm
Selenium, min4.4 ppm
Zinc min320 ppm
Vitamin A, min400,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E, min400 IU/lb


Processed Grain By-Products, Reed-Sedge Peat, Vegetable Oil, Zinc Amino Acid Complex, Copper Amino Acid Complex, Manganese Amino Acid Complex, Cobalt Glucoheptonate, Selenium Yeast, Vitamin E Supplement, Vitamin A Supplement, Yeast Extract, Calcium Iodate, Manganese Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Cobalt Carbonate.

Feeding Directions

Feed to lactating or dry dairy cows at the rate of 0.25 pound per head per day.


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NutriVantage® Nutrition Optimizer®

NutriVantage Nutrition Optimizer is an exclusive research-driven nutritional feed supplement that is only available in Blue Seal branded products.

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