Formulated for a Lifetime of Health and Happiness

Frequent Buyer ProgramDogs hold a unique place in our hearts as well as our homes. Whether we enjoy them as members of the family, service and support animals, guardians of our security, partners in working livestock, or outdoor sporting competitors, they are our special companions. At Blue Seal, we deliver quality foods that adhere to the highest standards of pet nutrition that not only match their stage of life, but the activities they enjoy.

We understand what dogs need to grow strong, stay healthy and live happy. You can trust Blue Seal to help support your dog for a long life of vigor and vitality at your side.

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Native Performance Dog FoodNative® is Kent’s complete line of performance dog food to meet the ever-changing energy needs of your athletic canine. Formulated by experts and proven in the field, Native® offers multiple formulas with varying levels of protein and nutrients, but all diets are made with a standardized ingredient profile, to allow a stress-free transition from one to another. This system allows you to choose the proper diet based on your canine's seasonal activity and eliminates the need to feed more during periods of heavy exercise. Visit the Native Performance Dog Food website.