Pasture Mixes

Horses are tough on Pastures! They graze close to the ground, leaving as little as ½" of grass. They tear up the root zone with steel-shod hooves. They graze repeatedly on their favorite plants, letting others go to seed. These habits can soon turn an attractive field into a weedy, muddy, unsightly area with very little feed value. Is it possible to have a picturesque pasture that also provides nutrition for your horse? ABSOLUTELY!! Blue Seal Equi-Graze® was developed specifically to meet the challenges of pasturing horses. It's a nutritious blend of improved grasses and legumes for grazing horses and ponies with the following benefits:

  • Palatable to horses
  • Provides grazing spring through fall
  • Resists trampling
  • Withstands close grazing
  • 100% Endophyte-free
  • Tolerates wide range of soil conditions Winter – hardy


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