Benefits of Show Hutch Deluxe®, Bunny 16, Hutch Plus™ 18, Hutch Extra™ 17

  • Fixed Formulation ensures consistent, high-quality pellets from bag to bag. This prevents sudden changes in the diet and improves digestive health and function.
  • Chelated Trace Minerals for increased bioavailability to help enhance the immune system. This is especially valuable to growing, pregnant, and nursing rabbits.
  • Supplemental Copper helps prevent diarrhea and intestinal enteritis.
  • Yeast Culture promotes healthy functional microbial fermentation for improved fiber digestion.
  • Probiotics promote a more stable digestive tract environment for improved digestion and overall rabbit health.
  • Yucca Extract aids in improved digestion and overall rabbit health.

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Products brochureRabbit & Guinea Pig Products brochure


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