Beef Cattle

Derecho Damaged Corn

The Derecho damaged an estimated 40 million acres of farm landing, laying fields of corn bent and broken, if not completely flat. This article investigates designing and using cattle grazing programs to harvest severely damage corn where it is not practical or possible to harvest it mechanically.

Kent Performance Primer

When stress happens it often impacts livestock in more than one way, such as feed intake, maintenance requirements, and even health status. Learn how Kent Performance Primer has proved successful in dealing with physiological, environmental, and psychological stressors.

The NutriVantage® / Optaflexx® Advantage

After observing the positive effects of NutriVantage on overall feedlot performance we were interested to see if there were additional benefits to combining it with Optaflexx, a product known to increase product leanness and enhanced rate of gain. Read about the positive results that were concluded by this study.

A Bale of Hay, a Bucket, and a Scoop

A bale of hay, a bucket, and a scoop are not standard measurements as the accuracy depends heavily on the contents. With cattle’s nutritional needs in constant fluctuation learn how ensure your cattle’s needs are being met.

Building Costs vs. Performance and Payback

EPA compliance, cattle profitability, and a drive for more performance has drove the number of cattle barns being put up to increase dramatically. This article discusses the consistency and predictability of performance as well as the improved feed conversions offer by confinement cattle.

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