Beef Cattle

Corn Processing and Moisture For Feedlot Cattle

The optimal moisture of processing and feeding corn to optimize feedlot performance has long since been debated. Continue reading to review several studies that have been compiled to try an answer these questions and allow you to better help your producers make grain and feeding decisions.

The Vantage is Still in NutriVantage For Beef & Dairy

After numerous feeding trials the initial observations of NutriVantage causing better feed intake, gains, and immune support has been affirmed in cattle products from calf milk replacers to dairy beef supplements. Read to understand the data supporting this conclusion in a summarized format.

Benefits of Higher Energy Finishing Diets

With cheaper corn and co-products slow to come down, many producers have asked about feeding more corn and a higher energy final diet than they have fed in the past. Continue reading to observe the advantages of feeding a higher energy diet.

Economics of Mud and Value of Bedding

Mud has a drastic impact on feed conversion and the subsequent effect on average daily gain and increases the amount of maintenance required. Read further to learn how to combat the mud and properly bed your feedlot.

Corn Silage – Don’t Open ‘Til Christmas

Studies show that ensiled corn silage does not begin to reach maximum feed value until four months after ensiling. Continue reading to learn why this is and what you can do to combat this issue and reach the maximum feeding value earlier.

Brood Cow Rules of Thumb For Mid- And Late-Gestation

Learn when and how to condition your mid- to late-gestation brood cows in preparation for winter. This article discusses general energy requirements based on cow weight and stage of gestation and what you should feed to meet them.

Benefits Of Bovine Plasma In Calf Milk Replacers

The recent incidence of PED led to some concerns about using plasma products. Though tests and studies show this played no role in the spread of PED, concerns of disease transmission have flowed into the calf industry. Read to learn more about the safety and benefits of bovine plasma.

Trace Mineral Utilization In Beef Cattle

There has been much discussion over the years relating to trace mineral levels for beef animals, as well as which sources are better, inorganic vs. organic. This article will discuss zinc, manganese, iron, and copper as trace minerals and their absorption into the body.

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