Benefits of Specific Enzymes in Home Fresh Poultry Products

In 2012, we improved our poultry programs by adding in a specific mixture of enzymes which resulted in a significant improvement in feed efficiency with broilers at the Kent Research Farm (see chart below). These enzymes, which are stable in pelleted feed, include a xylanase which breaks down fiber components to improve nutrient digestibility, an amylase which results in improved energy digestibility from starch and a protease which breaks down storage proteins which improves amino acid digestibility.

NutriVantage® For Poultry For Commercial Poultry Operators

After observing the benefits NutriVantage Nutrition Optimizer has shown in multiple other species we took advantage of an opportunity to work with an integrated layer operation in Iowa during summer to see if added Nutrivantage would benefit layers as well. Continue reading to learn what was concluded from this study.

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