Supplemental Chromax ® in Grow-Finish Pigs

Developing and evaluating products and feed programs to help producers raise pork more efficiently is an ongoing effort at the Kent Research Farm. Chromium is a trace mineral that helps with the cellular uptake of glucose, which provides energy that supports growth and immunity. In addition, this added energy can be especially helpful during the summer months during heat stress.

Use Of DL-Methionine In Holding Late-Finishing Pigs

In the event of any market suspension that requires slowing the growth of finishing pigs, pork producers need dependable and economical diets that can reduce growth while maintaining carcass quality. Studies conducted at the Kent Research Farm have resulted in the development of four feeding regimens to reduce feed intakes over a 35 day period through the use of various levels of supplemental Methionine.

Low Soybean Meal Ration Recommendations For NexGen® Starter Program

Soybean meal is a valuable protein source in pig diets. It has an ideal blend of amino acids, which comes very close to meeting the nutritional requirements of growing pigs. Unfortunately, there can be physiological challenges when using high levels of soybean meal in pig diets, particularly with young pigs. While the manufacturing process to …

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Fortification Of NexGen® Starters With Kent Natural Yeast

By James Smith, Ph.D., Senior Technical Swine Nutritionist, and Michael Edmonds, Ph.D., Vice President, Swine and Poultry Nutrition Developing nursery feeding programs to enhance the growth, efficiency and health of nursery pigs is critical in helping producers raise more efficient pork. One area of research with pig starters involves evaluating new ingredients. We tested an …

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