Frequently Asked Questions
about the TRUE BLUE Club®

How do I sign up for the TRUE BLUE Club?
Simply click on this link to join the club!

I live in Canada. Can I be a member?
Yes, membership is open to residents of Canada as well as those of the United States. Due to packaging differences between the two countries, Canadian residents will need to provide the entire feed tag as proof of purchase rather than a UPC or Weight Circle. Also, please note that all currency amounts referenced in TRUE BLUE Club materials are in US Dollars.

What does membership cost for TRUE BLUE Club?
There is an annual membership fee of US$9.99. There are no additional costs for redemptions.

Will I get a Welcome Packet every year?
New members will get a Welcome Packet. Returning members will get a packet of the latest TRUE BLUE Club offerings each time they renew.

Do I have to have a PayPal account?
No, not at all. If you don’t have a PayPal account or do not wish to use it for payment, you can click on the “Don’t have a PayPal account” link in the checkout process to enter your debit or credit card number. PayPal will ask if you’d like to create an account at that point, but you can click on the “No, thanks” button to continue the checkout process without doing so.

How do I know that my credit or debit card information is safe?
We chose to partner with PayPal for the checkout process in part because of their proven commitment to security. The information you enter when paying is encrypted before it’s sent over the Internet and is never sent to Kent Nutrition Group’s servers. PayPal uses state-of-the-art technology combined with industry best practices to protect your information. For added protection, make sure you see your browser’s indicator that you are on a secure server (usually a padlock icon will appear) and the URL begins with “https://”.

What are the qualifying products for this program?
Please refer to the TRUE BLUE Club home page and/or brochure. Current qualifying products include the following: Blue Seal Dynasty Pellets (Show, Pro, Grow, Senior), Blue Seal Dynasty Textured (Event, Show, Pro), Dynasty XT (Show, Pro, Grow), Blue Seal Sentinel (Performance LS, Senior SR, Grow & Excel GL, Safe Start SS, LifeTime LT), Dynasty Forage, Blue Seal ēcube, Blue Seal Carb-Guard and Kent Dynasty Secure.

Is this program for bagged feed or bulk feed?
This program is for bagged feed only.

Where can I find the UPC and/or Weight Circle on the bag?
Both the UPCs and the Weight Circles (for Kent Dynasty Secure ONLY) can be found on the back of the bag. UPCs from the feed tag are NOT acceptable.

Do I have to wait to start clipping and saving my UPCs/Weight Circles until I get my Welcome Packet?
No, you can start clipping and saving UPCs/Weight Circles at any time. You will receive your welcome packet within six to eight weeks from the data of sign-up.

How long do I have to send in my UPCs/Weight Circles?
UPCs and/or Weight Circles can be sent in at any time. They must be sent in within 30 days of membership expiration.

What is the minimum number of UPCs/Weight Circles I can send in for a reward?
There is a minimum of 40 UPCs/Weight Circles per redemption. 40 UPCs/Weight Circles earns a US$5.00 rewards coupon.

Is there a maximum reward value that can be earned?
The maximum annual payout is US$500.00 per membership year, per account. Once the maximum is reached, no additional rewards will be awarded until membership is renewed and the anniversary has been reached.

What if I don’t have my redemption envelope?
You can submit your UPCs/Weight circles along with your Request for Redemption form (printed from the website) in a regular envelope addressed to TRUE BLUE Club, Kent Nutrition Group, Inc., Marketing Department, PO Box 749, Muscatine, IA, 52761-9987

How long until I receive my rewards coupons?
Redemption requests for rewards will be processed in 6 to 8 weeks.

How can I check on the status of my redemption request?
When you sign in to your TRUE BLUE Club account, click the “Get your Rewards” button. Then you’ll see a link called “Your Personal TRUE BLUE Club History”. Here, you’ll be able to see a transaction log of your account and track the status of your redemption requests.

What if I forget my password?
Click on the “Reset your password” link when signing in to your account. You’ll be asked for your TRUE BLUE Club Member ID and a link to change your password will be sent to the email address on file for your account.

What if I forget my Member ID number?
Click on the “Retrieve your Member ID” link when signing into your account. You’ll be asked for your email address and your Member ID will be sent to the email address on file for your account.

What happens to my email address when I give it to you? Am I going to get a lot of emails? Do you share or sell this information with or to anyone?
Kent Nutrition Group may occasionally email you about the TRUE BLUE Club. In addition, if you did not opt-out during the registration process, KNG may also email about upcoming promotions, surveys, etc. You may opt-out at any time by signing in and clicking on the link called “Edit your personal information”. KNG does not sell or share its email lists.

Where can I shop for Blue Seal branded merchandise with my rewards?
Click on Merchandise under the Purchase menu at the top of this page. This will take you to the Company Store where merchandise can be selected. You can also go to directly. Apply the Kent Gift Code at checkout. Any outstanding balance can be paid for with a credit/debit card.

What if I have additional questions?
Please contact Customer Service with any questions not answered above.