Safe 'N Simple Pre-Emergence Weed Control 9-0-0

Safe 'N Simple® Pre-emergence Weed Control 9-0-0 is an all-natural plant product made from Corn Gluten, a dried protein separated from corn during the manufacture of starch in the food industry. In 1985, while studying its value as a fertilizer, researchers at Iowa State University discovered that Corn Gluten contains a natural organic compound which inhibits root development in seedlings. Germination occurs, but seedlings die from lack of a root system. The result is an environmentally safe, non-toxic, completely natural weed control.

Safe 'N Simple® 9-0-0 provides weed control and an excellent source of slow-release nitrogen in an easy to spread crumble form. When spread at the recommended rate Safe 'N Simple® 9-0-0 provides 4 lbs. of nitrogen/ 1,000 square feet. Nitrogen is released as microorganisms break down in the soil.

Not available for purchase in Alabama.

Product Code Number: 185

Safe 'N Simple Weed Control Fact Sheet

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