Safe 'N Simple Lawn Food 6-2-4

Safe 'N Simple® Lawn Food is a natural based fertilizer containing soybean, alfalfa, and fish meals, organic materials that enhance the soil, increase soil biological activity, and provide needed nutrients for a thick healthy green lawn. Recycling plant material back into the soil is nature's way of replenishing nutrients and rebuilding soils in natural habitats. Conventional synthetic fertilizers supply plant nutrients.

Safe 'N Simple® 6-2-4 provides plant nutrition and promotes a healthy soil ecosystem. The key to long term lawn success is a healthy soil environment. Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (N-P-K) are primary nutrients needed to increase plant growth and high shoot density, maintain a deep green color, promote an extensive root system, and increase plant hardiness.

Product Code Number: 263

Safe 'N Simple Lawn Food Fact Sheet

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